Our mission in ‘Sports Direct Products’ is to provide sports enthusiasts with information giving them -

  1. a greater total knowledge of their chosen sport or sports,
  2. a range of current product prices available from major retailers and
  3. regular updates of articles, pictures and videos relevant to each separate sport. 

To learn about the origins and current rules of any major sport on our web site, first click on the title of a sport in the above table and then on either the ‘Sports Origin’ or ‘Current Rules’ button displayed on the main screen of the sport selected.

Our web site is simply a shop window displaying extensive ranges of sporting products and equipment images, descriptions and prices as explained below -

  • Images/descriptions/prices for each different sports product category on one or more pages.
  • Up to 100 products on each page, sorted in order, from the lowest to the highest prices.
  • Product details + images are provided by the retailer named below each separate image.
  • Retailers provide important additional information – colour/brand name/size/technical performance.
  • Similar information for other major international sports is planned to be added during 2014.